What your beer league arrival time says about you

You have a beer league game tonight! For most its a big deal… a night out by yourself, without kids, and significant other. A night out if you will. It’s also a big social event, pre-game beers, a game, post-game beers, and maybe a post-game meal? What could be better? Getting to the rink is step one, but how early should you get to the rink?

30+ minutes out – you either needed to get away, or you think there are scouts in the stands. If you bring a soccer ball to play “sewer ball”, you are the most dedicated to the beer league.

20-29 minutes – Acceptable and respectable. You have enough time to casually get ready, tape a stick or two, and have a beer.

15-19 minutes – The best time to get there. It’s early enough that you’re not rushing and can still do any pregame stuff needed. Will also ensure you’re getting some warm-ups in.

10-14 minutes – getting some of the guys worried…especially the goalie when they see only 6 guys ready. Might have to skip re-taping the stick to get out there on time and drink a quick beer

5-9 minutes – cutting it close but still enough time to get ready and zip out there for warmups. No stick taping, or beers (unless you shotgun one).

Under 5 minutes – Everyone is hoping you show up. You look like a hero when your team is short and you show up at this critical time. You’re forced to rush to get ready to make it by opening puck drop.

Game Start – The team hopes you were getting more beer …