The First 100

I started Lucky Puck to be a hockey brand that was by players for players. There are many brands like this and are in the same realm as Lucky Puck, but the difference is when I mean players, I mean real hockey players. I are excited about the prospect of guys wearing out stuff to the rink or out after the game to the postgame meal or bar.

Lucky Puck is a small and independent brand and I enjoy that I can do whatever or take suggestions from my connections in the hockey industry. My other project is, and  I have been approached a few times to do an apparel line for that site / brand. However, I felt it wasn’t needed. After a few people suggested I should do apparel, I took the leap to do it but as another side project.

So, through the first few months, I have gotten to the first 100 followers on social platforms. I have started finding what is working with the brand and what doesn’t. I am excited to continue to grow the brand through the summer and continue to come up with designs geared towards hockey players and make something that players will wear from the rinks to drinks and everywhere in-between.