Five Things Not To Do In Beer League Hockey

With beer league right around the corner, and with most rinks opening up to beer league after being closed for a while, Lucky Puck came up with Five Things Not To Do In Beer League Hockey! That way when you hit the rink for that first 9:45 game, you can remember what not to do and have a great time playing the best game.

5 – Abuse the official

This should go without saying but things do get tense sometimes. Just remember that no matter if it’s an A league game to a beginner league, the game does go pretty quick and officials are people too. Sure, they might be getting paid but no one is perfect.

4 – Spray the goalie

Goalies from the NHL to mites are off-limits. Spraying them will just add fuel to the fire if it’s a heated game. It’s also a pretty lame move that usually ends up with you getting into a scuffle with the goalie or their teammates.

3 – Head high shots (without a tip or deflection)

We all have work or school the next day. If you can’t control your shot and keep it down, either don’t shoot or invest in a shooter tutor.

2 – Forget your beer

Forgetting your equipment in beer league is bad but forgetting your beer is even worse. Especially if it’s your turn to bring the post-game beverages. (For a guide on post-game beverages check out the last article)

1 – Backcheck

It’s beer league and you worked your tail off to gain the O-Zone…it wasn’t entirely your fault the puck left. Plus, if you backcheck, how can your team hit you in the neutral zone with a pass for a huge scoring opportunity?

While this list of things not to do in beer league hockey is short, it’s quite invaluable. Hopefully, the rink in your area is open, and you can get back to playing the best game out there.