Beer League Beers and What They Say About You

It’s your turn to bring the team cooler. Do you know what you’re bringing? There could be a lot riding on it. The team beers are one of the most important things in beer league sports. It helps after a team win and picks the team up after a loss. It also can be a nice way to relax and delay going home for an extra hour or two after a good night of hockey.

Here is a handy Beer League Beers guide to help you with what to pack in your cooler.

Craft Beer – You know quality matters. Likes to treat the guys to good post-game beverages.

Bud Light / Miller Lite / Coors / Any big brand – Shows you’re a solid team guy … nothing flashy. Here for the guys. Bonus points if you pick up a little variety in this category or if you mix in a few craft beers for the beer snobs on the squad.

PBR – Might be a goalie’s night to bring. If not, it’s a special player. Never a bad choice but just catches the team off a bit.

Busch Light – You’re a team guy and maybe ballin’ on a budget. There is also the theory of it’s super cheap so you brought 30+ for the team when you knew only 6 players would be there and knew it was going to be a rough night.

Steel Reserve or any bargain brand –  You had enough of the team and are quitting the team that night and plan on dusting them every time you play against them.